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Yazd province is located in the centre of the country, and its center is city of Yazd.
The province has an area of 131,575 km², and according to the most recent divisions of the country, is divided into 11 counties: Maybod, Mehreez, Taft, Ardakan, Behabad, Khatam,Sadogh, Bafq, Abar Kooh, Tabas and Yazd, the capital. Yazd province has a population of over 990,000 of which 75% are estimated as urban residents and 25% resided in rural areas. The city of Yazd is the economic and administrative capital of the province and therefore the most heavily populated.
The population of Yazd is predominantly Persian, most of who are Shi'a Muslims. The city of Yazd’s first mention in historic records predate it back to around 3000 years B.C. when it was related to by the name of Ysatis, and was then part of the domain of Medes, an ancient empire of Iran. Excavations of Gharb... (Read More)


n the course of history due to its distance from important capitals and its harsh natural surroundings, Yazd remained immune to major troops' movements and destruction from wars; therefore it kept many of its traditions, ... (Read More)
Always known for the quality of its silk and carpets, Yazd today is one of Iran's industrial centers for textiles. There is also a considerable ceramics and construction materials industry and unique confectionery and jewelry industries.  ... (Read More)

Road and Transportation:
First authorized technical inspection center in the province was opened in middle 2007, expending 1,250 million IRI Rials of quick return loans, locating inside YAZD goods terminal.... (Read More)

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