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 Road and Transportation


2.1. Roads length

  • Freeways: -
  • Highways: 1,428 Kilometers.
  • Major roads: 7814 Kilometers.
  • Local roads: 51,917 Kilometers.
  • Urban roads: 61 Kilometers.
  • Others: - Kilometers.
  • Total: 33,221 Kilometers.

2.2. Vehicle testing practices:

First authorized technical inspection center in the province was opened in middle 2007, expending 1,250 million IRI Rials of quick return loans, locating inside YAZD goods terminal. The second technical inspection center was exploited in early 2009 in the county of Mehriz and third center, financed by the private sector, has been constructed in the county of Ardakan. In addition, realizing another plant in the county of Meybod, is to be implemented in close future.

2.3. Traffic training parks:

In middle 2007, constructing 4 traffic training parks in the counties of Ardakan, Abar Kooh, Sadogh and Mehreez has been planned. The traffic training park in the county of Mehreez has been recently opened to public. In the counties of Abar Kooh and Ardakan, the architectural plan has been officially approved and its implemental stages is supposed to be quickly managed by due municipalities and will be hopefully opened to public by early 2011.

2.4. En-route welfare-services:

Up to now, 22 official agreements have been issued for constructing en-route general and welfare-services in the province roads of which, 4 sites are under construction. The main plant is 'FATEH (ghazale siahe kooh (black roebuck of the mountain))' in kilometer 40th of the Ardakan-Choopanan road, of which, its first phase, including the gas station, chapel, general service utility and the commercial departments have been opened to public.

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